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About the band.

The Tim Shelton Syndicate is made up of NewFound Road co-founders Tim Shelton and Jr. Williams as well as NFR alum, Joe Booher, on mandolin,  Pittsburgh native, Avery Welter, on guitar and Sam Lauderbaugh on bass.  In short order, The Tim Shelton Syndicate has proven to be an exciting and powerful presence on stage. The band effortlessly transitions from hard driving, intense Bluegrass tunes to heart wrenching Country ballads, even adding elements of Classic Rock, all while remaining anchored to Bluegrass music.  The band went into producer Ben Isaacs studio in late 22' to start recording their debut album. Tim Shelton would write and or co-write 3 songs and lend lead vocals to 9 of the 11 tracks.  The Tim Shelton Syndicate (album) also features guest appearances by Country music legend, Vince Gill, Sonya Isaacs and fiddle great, Jenee Fleenor.

"When I listen back to this record, I'm really proud. Every time I go into the studio, I'm always trying to be better than the last time I was in there and I honestly feel like we did it with this record. Joe made Killin' In Griffin his own, Jr. crushed Roving Gambler and the tenor on everything he sang on and Avery played and sang great too. Ben and Mark Capps (engineer) were such a huge part of this whole process. We cut as much of this record live as we possibly could. At this point in my career, I'm trying to capture emotion and feeling as much as anything else when I'm recording. I feel like you can hear that as a listener, with this album."

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